When deciding on a senior option for your loved one, it’s beneficial to consider holistic wellness in senior living communities. Holistic approaches foster the mind-body connection, allowing seniors to age in good health.

If it’s your first time assisting a family member, it may be overwhelming and stressful. That’s why our experts in senior living, Coral Senior Care Consultants, have offered you their knowledge regarding holistic wellness in senior living communities. 

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What is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic wellness simultaneously focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of health. This approach incorporates interdisciplinary methods drawn from medicine, religions, and cultures to prompt healing in people and communities. 

Holistic practitioners evaluate several facets of an individual for treatment, which include


The mind’s needs for stimulation, desire, wonder, and creative expression are explored. This may also require delving into the lessons offered by emotions.


There is a determination of the body’s needs regarding nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Sources of pain and discomfort are additional considerations.


Programs find what rituals or practices allow the individual to connect with the divine and nature, along with other sources where meaning can be derived. 

Social Connections

Practitioners study the patient’s connections with others. They work to strengthen and repair bonds in social networks with disturbances.


The patient’s values, traditions, and ways of life are evaluated and used to promote growth.


Professionals study the unique features of an individual’s environment to determine how it affects their functioning and overall health. 

Holistic Wellness in Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities are geared toward balancing senior’s independence while managing their care needs. 

The most common types of senior living options are:

  • Independent living communities
  • Assisted Living 
  • Memory care
  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement communities

In these facilities, holistic wellness strategies may be used to bolster physical and mental growth. Although not every senior living community utilizes these methods, they are advantageous. For instance, Life Plan Communities often use holistic wellness methods. 

The holistic strategies in senior living integrate healthy decision-making and efforts to form better habits while participating in activities that strengthen the mind and body. 

A 2017 report from the International Council on Active Aging found that in Life Plan Communities with a wellness program, 91% of residents say their health and wellness is good, very good, or excellent.

Strategies rely on a combination of efforts to enhance a senior’s mind, body, and spirit. 

Typically, programs are geared toward goals such as:

  • Eliminating unhealthy habits and replacing them with better ones.
  • Cultivating feelings of safety and security 
  • Working on obtaining a balanced diet and finding ways to enjoy food
  • Becoming more socially engaged to support the development of long-term friendships and relationships and using these networks to ease stress.
  • Keeping the mind active by participating in activities that bring the senior joy
  • Employing mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and therapy into resident’s routines
  • Managing sources of stress

Benefits of Holistic Approaches

A recent study in the Journal Of Applied Gerontology performed on senior living communities found that holistic approaches led to positive changes in the following

  • Resident health satisfaction
  • Physical and psychological quality of life
  • Loneliness 
  • Sense of purpose
  • Relatedness 
  • Competence 

Other programs by FOX Rehabilitation and John Knox Village senior centers employing holistic wellness have discovered benefits that include:

  • Greater community satisfaction 
  • Improved health, comfort engagement, and mobility for residents
  • Reduced sedentary lifestyle
  • Enhanced ability to live independently 
  • Increased willingness to participate in activities, which allows them to feel healthier 
  • Improved emotional stability
  • An environmental wellness that leads to peace 
  • A sharper mental capacity from intellectual stimulation
  • Building meaningful relationships 
  • The ability to live with a sense of purpose by fostering spiritual connections
  • Gaining unique skills and talents

Choosing A Holistic Wellness Community

Choosing the right community for a family member doesn’t have to be stressful. To help you find a holistic wellness-based senior living community, here are several factors to consider: 

  1. The senior’s healthcare or mental needs 

Before starting, create a list of your loved one’s care needs. This can be done by consulting a medical professional for an evaluation. 

On your list, consider whether they can function without assistance and if they require therapy or memory care. This will gear your search toward the most appropriate program.

  1. Determine the location and type of community that best suit them

Look for communities based on types geared toward their needs and those within their ideal location.  

  1. Find a price point that fits within your budget

Form a budget based on the expenses you can afford, and find out what services within the community that health insurance covers.  

  1. Think about their preferences for amenities, activities, and services

Amenities (i.e., housekeeping, laundry assistance, entertainment, medication management) and services can make or break your decision. That’s why having a list of your needs prepared is useful. Knowing what seniors require allows you to eliminate communities that don’t cater to those necessities.

  1. Consider their future goals

If the senior values independence or requires consistent care, these are qualities that ought to be taken into account when making your final choice. 

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